On the road again

I had great plans to catch up with blogging this morning.

We left Istanbul last night. I got into the lab nice and early. Chaos.

Broken printers, internet not working, broken monitor, broken keyboard….

Has Mercury gone retrograde???

So this will be a brief “I’m still alive” post.

We visited Sabanci University in Istanbul. They give all incoming students a laptop. Formerly Toshiba, now Lenova.

I tracked down their tech support group to say hi.

Ah! Here is a sign!

Laptop support this way

Laptop support this way

And another sign!

Hey! it leads to the …

Loading dock

Library loading dock


Here they are!

Here they are!

Inside, cubicles. I didn’t get a pic as I was busy trying to see if they had any English. Regretfully, I have no Turkish yet. So we laughed, but didn’t exchange any useful tips. But I felt the IT clan kinship with them being stuck in rooms off the library loading dock.

OK. Coming soon, Turkey posts.

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