Another food post

After our hot walk up to the Acropolis and the bus ride back to the ship, we took a short break, changed, and caught a cab to Marina Zea. That’s the small port in Piraeus. The waterfront is lined with restaurants open to the water. As we passed each the owners would read their menus to us. “You want fresh fish? We got the freshest. You want mussels? Calamari?”. We were looking for a place with charm, some customers, variety, and reasonable prices. We walked around the port and on our way back went into one we liked. Good choice! Roasted veggies, grilled lamb, fried feta with honey, suvalaki,  a plate of olives, a 1/2 kilo of local red wine. yummmm.

On the ride back to the ship the taxi driver explained how the economic problems were all the fault of the incompetent government. His retirement pay had been cut in half so he was back driving a taxi.

2 thoughts on “Another food post

  1. yeah, right, GLK–politikeith raises
    his gnarly head! so do you scream
    at the radio/tv broadcasts over there, too?
    (i bet that cabbie was thanking Kronos
    when you stepped outta his hack, eh?)

  2. Ah ha! You’re first somewhat political posting. All is right in my world again. 😉

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