Leaving Croatia

7/11. We leave Croatia about 20:00. The captain nicely detours under the city walls for one last look.

The next day, sailing south past Albania a brief announcement comes over the PA system. Crew notice, crew notice, category 0 drill, category 0 drill, man overboard, man overboard. And the ship takes a tight port turn. I can see something bright orange in the arc of the now-curving wake. The ship rolls. After a turn of about 4 points (45° for you landlubbers) we turn back to starboard. This pattern positions us to retrace our path exactly. We see one of the ship’s boats being deployed outside the computer lab’s window. The boat crew gets quickly to the dummy in the water and drags it aboard. We retrieve the boat and make a leisurely half-circle to get back on course.

Hey look, there the Peloponnese Periphery! And a lovely sunset. Tomorrow Athens and the temples at the Acropolis.

2 thoughts on “Leaving Croatia

  1. how was the boat trip?? choppy or smooth? I am afraid of taking a cruise cause I just know I will bad weather. I seem to be lucky that way. lol

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