Dubrovnik – City Walls

When Kathy and I left ACMT we planned to return to the ship to change before a walk around the old city but we found the buses were crazy crowded and traffic was tied up.  There was a meeting in town of the foreign ministers of the Adriatic states in town adding to the usual summer tourist population, and everyone was trying to board the bus that we needed. So, we decided to skip the clothes change and stay in town. We headed for the old city to walk the walls. They are amazing. Beautiful views at every turn. Almost 2 kilometers long. It took us about 90 minutes to complete the circuit.

After the sight seeing we headed into the old city to eat at a restaurant that had been recommended, the Taj Mahal. We sampled dishes recommended by Croatian students we had met. Beef sausages in this really tasty fried bread, and a hot sandwich made with turkey and cheese.  We tried the beer. I think we’ll stick to wine for the rest of our stay.

After dinner we caught a bus in Pile back to the port. Pile (pea lay) is the square right in front of the main gate to the old city. A taxi driver said it means “small chicken”. He has no idea why the square carries that name.

Oh! And while in the old city we found a Posta open late and got postcard stamps. So, another batch of postcards, this time stamped Croatia!

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  1. When I see these pictures all I can think is…puzzle!

    Oh what whimsys will emerge from these tantalizing images?

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