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On Friday, July 9th we visited the American College of Management and Technology. This college was the first private college in Croatia when it was founded in 1997.  Today there are over 45 private institutions offering higher education in Croatia.

ACMT operates collaboratively with the Rochester Institute of Technology and offers dually accredited degrees. All instruction takes place in English.

We were hosted by Ana Jarak, ACMT’s Marketing & Enrollment Manager. Ana was so welcoming and such a font of knowledge about her institution and higher education in Croatia.

ACMT is attractive to students from Croatia seeking an education that will successfully prepare them for professional positions in the business world and for international students seeking a study abroad experience. 85% of ACMT students are employed within 3 months of graduating. The classroom culture at ACMT, and the course content is the same as at RIT. Students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussions with their faculty and with other students.

After a morning session with Ana that included a tour of the building we had lunch at a nearby restaurant. Two Croatian students joined us and were invaluable resources as they shared their perspectives on Croatia, higher education, careers and culture. Christine gave us some excellent recommendations for food and drink to enjoy before we left Croatia. She said the Ćevapčići wasn’t going to be as good as in Bosnia but that even the local version was not to be missed.

After lunch we had a wonderful, fast-paced history&urban-planning&restoration seminar with faculty member Kate Bogoje. She is an art history professor with specialized knowledge in the area of restoration of stone architecture. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at ACMT, she is participating in the post-war restoration of Croatia.

Our last event for the day was a discussion with 5 current ACMT students. Two were RIT students doing short summer study abroad experiences in Dubrovnik. Two were Croatian students studying there. And one was an American ex-pat whose parents were Croatian and who happened upon ACMT while seeking a place in Europe to continue her education and who plans to live permanently in Europe.

All programs include 4 quarters a year, three of classes, and one paid internship. They are planning a transition to a semester system to better align with transfer institutions.

They currently offer 4 programs:

Service Management
…professionally oriented undergraduate degree program for students interested in careers in management of service-based businesses.

B.S. Degree in Information Technology.

…focused on customer service and IT as a service industry. They offer programs in Web Site Development; Database; Network and System Administration.

Master of Science in Human Resource Development.

…Effective development and utilization of human assets.

Master of Science in Professional Studies

…a unique graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Professional Studies, with concentrations in Service Leadership and Project Management.

Thank you ACMT and ACMT students for the great visit!

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  1. were there no men? was this an all girl school? Oh wait- I think I see one guy in there

  2. These students (the Student Affairs grad students) are all American. But we do have UG students from many countries aboard, doing SAS as a study abroad experience. And we host an “interport” student from each country we visit for the leg leading to their country. They give presentations on their culture, language, places to see etc. One of the things students say they like about SAS is all the informal contact with faculty and staff. We try to eat with different students each day. Trying to meet as many as possible.

  3. Hey D,
    What are the students like that you work with. They seem (from photos) to be a fun bunch. All American?

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