OK! Another catching-up day. This is actually our last day in Croatia (July 11), but this posting is about our last day in Tuscany.

We stayed “in the neighborhood”, visiting the village of Radicondoli really for the first time. It’s an amazingly pretty town perched on the top of a hill. I’m sure it was the history, the necessity for defense that caused villages here to be built on top of the hills instead of at water crossings as is common in the US. There is a tourist information office which we should have found earlier, a post office, several restaurants, a bar, a church, a small theatre for live performances, and beautiful views on all sides.

We watched some of the Germany-Argentina world cup match in one of the restaurants. The small crowd was mostly rooting for Germany.

We actually made 2 trips into town, not realizing that shops closed for a few hour in the afternoon. In between we made a long planned hike to an abandoned castle on a ridge between Poggio Bianco and Radicondoli. A local dog hooked up with us an acted as an unofficial tour guide for the castle.