Drive to Radicondoli

So, via the internet I had found this rental in a small Tuscan “hill country” village. The town is Radicondoli, and the place is called Borghetto Poggio Bianco. They don’t take credit cards, so I had wired 50% of the rental when I made the reservation and the 2nd 50% just before leaving the states. And I was somewhat fearful that it would wind up being an internet hoax and there would be no Poggio Bianco. Ah but sometimes things work out. The place was BEAUTIFUL and brand new and we were their first guests and for several days their ONLY guests. The drive there was uneventful except that the last 30 kilometers was like the Lincoln Peak road. And the last 5 kilometers was narrower and steeper than that. And the directions were things like “drive another 8 minutes and then turn right”… But we did get there.

After settling in we headed into town for dinner. Tuscan soup, beans, fried veggies, and wild boar stew with polenta.

It was sooo quiet and peaceful. The heat of the day dissipated quickly and with the windows open a very pleasant breeze made sleeping great.