Dali Sunday

On Sunday the 27th we boarded a tour bus and drove about 90 minutes to Figueres. Dali’s hometown. Dali built a museum there and it is very cool. There are many stories about the many ways in which Dali was psychologically bent. Some are probably a result of his self-promotion, some are probably all too true. He was born 9 months after his older brother (Salvador) died. Hmmmm. He claimed to believe that he was his brother reincarnated. What kind of parents would name the 2nd son after the first now deceased son? He also apparently had a tormented relationship with his wife Gala. But… his art is remarkable. He had very sophisticated technique and what an imagination. We spent too little time there.

After the museum we drove to the castle Dali bought for Gala. Nothing too magnificent. Supposedly Dali bought it in 1969 for $6K.

I would have rather stayed another couple of hours in the museum….

The Dali foundation website.