Laptop setup yesterday, training today.

Cool Fort Lauderdale Tree

Cool Fort Lauderdale Tree

Riverside Hotel

Riverside Hotel - Ft Lauderdale

Yesterday we had our first “laptop setup” clinic for faculty/staff. Today we had our scheduled IT training.

So… well… we had a how-to handout, and we had a couple of experienced ISE staff onboard (until Halifax) so we kind of picked it up as we went. My new mac paid off as I was able to help folks with macs.

The students will have essentially no internet. Well, there is onboard email they can use, and 30 or so free internet sites, including the UVA library. They will have access to all the academic databases there. But as for facebook etc. 125 minutes with some smallish max download and the option to purchase more time.

So, get folks mapped to shared folders, onto shipboard email (OWA), onto metered internet (24online), and possibly add some ip printers. Good practice as 739 students get on in a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Laptop setup yesterday, training today.

  1. So, when you get a chance, try the bandwidth test to the campus web100 server and let us know what the speeds are …

  2. I feel like the photos for this post were gratuitously thrown in for us less techie folks. Oh so preetty. I’m curious about the handout. Was the first recommendation to ask the client if their computer was plugged in?

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