Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Was privileged to hear Justice Sandra Day O’Connor speak today. But disappointed in her presentation. She was discussing the conflict between presidential and judicial powers. Pretty current issue I think. But she led us through several historical episodes and her message seemed to be that this conflict was inevitable and that we would always survive it. Which I guess means that whomever we elect, we have to put up with ANYTHING they want to do until we manage to get them replaced. ugh.

Kathy on the observation deck with a red sun setting over Maryland.

One thought on “Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

  1. Love this shot of Kathy! Wish I knew more about Sandra Day O’Connor so I could ask a more informed question. Did she discuss the balance of the Supreme Court at all?

    I would like to request a picture of you ma pere. (E correct my French if wrong?)

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