BTV with bags.

Kathy with our bags

OK. so they’re not entirely in chronological order….

I had to figure out how to get iPhoto to make a smaller file size so I could actually get the image uploaded through our small pipe. Reception last night w/ luminaries who are aboard for a Global Issues Forum. Kathy got to say hello to Sandra Day O’Connor.

4 thoughts on “BTV with bags.

  1. HI! Got your blog from g. Finished 1L year, moving to DC tonight to start my internship on Wednesday. Hope the boat is treating you fantastically well.

    switch to picasa. iphoto is tricky to micromanage in the sense of creating your own folders (as opposed to folders w/in iphoto). It also creates duplicates, so anytime you edit anything on a picture, an additional copy of it appears in a “modified” folder, while the “originals” are kept safe for you. this is nice if you tinker with photos and want to revert, but no so nice if you just want to rotate a freaking folder.
    Picasa just searches your computer for pictures, so you can organize them anyway you like, and you can upload them through picasa but into a folder of your choice/creation.

    also: not sure how much media, etc, you watch on your computer, but it’s definitely worth downloading VLC, which will open pretty much any file. (quicktime and dvdplayer are sometimes picky).

    finally (for now…I love my mac and could talk about it all day): function + delete is the same as the delete key on a PC. otherwise delete functions as a backspace.


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