Packing is boring, but I sure appreciated the lists and tips other travelers supplied. Leaving Wed morning. Work Monday/Tuesday. Beers with buds Monday night. So today (Sunday) is the real “get packed” day.

Left shot, mostly-not-clothes stuff, middle and right, mostly-clothes stuff.

My categories were

School supplies





Two duffle-bags, and one carry-on. I’m bringing 2 laptops. Dell and MacBookPro.

I’ll be doing end-user-computing support, and it’s a long time since I used a mac, so I got one to bring. Pluswhich, Kathy’s Dell is so old and slow, I’m pretty sure she will wind up using the mac.

5 thoughts on “Packing

  1. You know I only wear the speedo to embarass the kids. And none of them are on this trip. So, no. No speedo.

  2. I don’t see any Speedo. Dear God in Heaven, tell me you didn’t forget the Speedo…..

  3. I like how the Pepto has a place of prominence. These packing shots are sha-weet by I’d like some list shots. You know, the checking it twice kind?

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