Just chillin’ with my homies…

Hello there,

Here’s a shot taken quite awhile back when k-squared were visiting Berlin. Soak it in interwebs. Soak. It. In.

I can appreciate what my dad was trying to do here. The gradual increase in height and similarity in posture is indeed aesthetically pleasing. But, to be honest, kken, I expected better.

A true adventurer would have gone for Marx’s lap.

I’m going to add the Marx-Engels-Forum to the list of places I really want to visit based only on information I can glean from photographs of dad’s trip (this list may or may not actually exist.)

Those shiny shoes look like they may have brought many a passerby some seriously luck.

The above shot does make me a bit nostalgic though. Look at that thick(ish) head of hair! Times have most definitely changed. Ah well, hair comes and goes, but raincoats are most definitely forever.

This one was taken in South Africa – it was a tough call not to use this for the last post (think Raiders of the lost Ark folks) but I thought it deserved a little more respect.

It’s pretty awesome, dad, that you’re climbing mountains (& monuments) around the world. You’re one happening dude.


Your #1 Daughtie





An adventure like no other…

Hello friends!

You’re gonna want to trust me and get this playing as you scroll down.

Theme Song for KKENs Life






May I present the made for t.v. movie that rocked the world of several stay-at-home moms:
That’s right…this may look like a simple photograph of Keith Kennedy wearing a panama hat but right before this shot was taken…bam!

I like to imagine KKen appearing in a precursor to that Crystal Skull nonsense. One where he plays a dashing mentor to Indy’s son (who’s now being played be anyone who is not Shia Labeouf.)

His gimmick would be unique lines of dialogue featuring a rambling serious of coding terminology (‘null is not equal nor not not equal’) mixed with political statements (‘Saxby Chambliss…Secret Liberal’) and earnest looks.

Wish I had more time to write today, dear ones, but alas lunch has now ended. Until tomorrow…


The most magical place in the world…

Ladies & Gentleman of the interwebs may I present Keith Kennedy, true devotee of all things museum related. 

A man so dedicated, so determined, so…oh darn…is anyone else having a hard time separating the above image from Brad Pitt’s rule no. 52 cover of Wired magazine?

Dad, you look intense, dude. {Cue soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.} Are all those lanyards supplied by the museum or are you rocking some extras of your own?

To be honest I can’t say for sure if this is technically a museum shot or not. I can only state that past exposure to the face above would lead me to believe that there is some sort of exhibit about to be seen or plaque about to be read.

KManning gets mad props because visiting a museum with this guy is no joke. You need good shoes, a map, a source of water, and several snacks to adequately prepare for a trip to KDK’s Mecca. And, dear readers, that’s just for the exhibit viewing portion of the visit. When KDK heads towards the museum store…find a bench. S*#t’s about to get real.

Love you, diddy.

georgia louise