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Just Because

23 Feb

Normally, I would not be an advocate of animals in costumes.  But for an amusing reaction and a quick photo, I think it’s worth it.  Here to show off my winter collection:

Jilly’s Christmas scarf kept her warm this winter in North Carolina, when they got a few inches of snow!



Tupelo sports his Christmas scarf, doubles for Valentines Day, and triples for a Where’s Waldo Halloween costume!



Gordon looks a little nervous about getting his new scarf dirty, but he’s ready for St Patricks Day!



Tucker decides his sweater doesn’t bring out the color in his eyes.



Gerrard isn’t happy the paparazzi are pestering him for a photo in his spanking holiday sweater.


Bird Balls.

18 Dec

I thought I’d make some bird treats, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it considering it was -10 yesterday (nothing compared to the -30 I heard about in Island Pond!)

I loosely followed the recipes here: and here:

I wanted to keep it simple and didn’t want to use corn syrup or gelatin or lard. Basically I mixed the bird seed with tablespoons of flour and water until I got a nice sticky mixture. Then I compressed it down into cookie cutters, an ice cube tray, and balls with twine loops set inside. A lot of recipes called for baking the treats and using straws to keep holes in the biscuit for twine later on. I let mine sit out overnight and I didn’t have straws, so I used candles!


Bird ball:

In other news, I shipped my second Etsy sale out this morning in a reused altoid tin. Please pass on your used tins and boxes to me!

Merry Christmas:

Opened Shop

16 Dec

I’ve recently opened an Etsy shop to simply share what I make and to
help encourage myself to continue creating.  Right now I’m selling my
bottlecap magnets and a selection of earrings, but I plan to branch
out and include crocheted items, photography, and more jewelry
choices.  So let me know what you think and keep checking back!

Halloween Crafts

1 Dec

Fall dream catchers:

Ribbon rolled and folded into flowers:

Painted jars perfect for a lit porch Halloween night:

Past Necklaces

22 Jun

I’ve found time over the past year to make these.  Most of them I don’t actually wear, so if anyone is interested in having one…

Hangs long and asymmetrical:


Twisted rainbow seed beads:


Back in college, we were moving out of the dorms and my roommate broke her seed bead choker and left it in pieces on her floor.  I strung it back together and added a leafy pendant as a final touch:


This big pendant makes me think of medieval times:


Seed beads take patience and a steady hand to work with, even for this simple choker:


I had fun making this long charm necklace with some single earrings and a skeleton key as the base:


A few years ago, I lost a nice gold leaf earring within or on the way home from Three Needs.  So I re-purposed it’s lone partner:


Epoxy’d Water Bug

19 Mar

This is a Giant Water Bug. The body is 7 cm long.
Also called a Toe-Biter, apparently has one of the worst insect bites in North America.

The speciman above was obtained in Corvalis, Oregon. I found it dead and let it dry, pinned to a board. I then found a glass ash try at a Goodwill and encased the bug in two layers of Easy Cast epoxy. I’ve had trouble with epoxy in the past, including bubbles, poor mixing/amounts (causing it to never harden), and embedded items floating to the surface. Luckily, it turned out pretty well this time!

The Giant Water Bug is in the order Hemiptera, shared with cicadas, leaf hoppers, and aphids. A defining feature in this order is a beak that is used to pierce plants to suck sap, or in this case, defend against curious human hands and pierce prey.

Giant Water Bugs are aquatic predators that live in slow flowing water like ponds and lakes. They lie in wait for their unsuspecting prey which can range from other aquatic insects, to fish and frogs. When they strike, they grip their prey firmly with their front legs like a praying mantis and use their beak to inject a digestive enzyme and suck up the liquidy remains (*slurp!*). Here’s some youtube footage of a Giant Water Bug making a meal out of a goldfish.

A few years ago, I had two smaller (~3 cm long) water bugs as pets in an aquarium, like the one below (a different genus than the large bug above). They were neat, but I found I had to practically force feed them crickets held with tweezers (like this video).  Also, to the distress of my roommate and guests, one mysteriously disappeared through the screen roof of the aquarium…


Resist the Earrings…

11 Mar

I finally took the time to practice my macro photo skills with my non-macro lens on these earrings I made with resistors my Mom found in the garage. I thought I was on to something new, but it’s all been done before.  The second pair below is up for grabs!

Stick with It

2 Feb

I tried downhill skiing a few weeks ago and it ended in some bruises. But like these nifty ski-themed magnets I’ve made, I plan to stick with it.

Friendly Earrings

30 Jan

My good friend Alia made these earrings for me by laminating cicada wings:

alia earrings

Similarly, Michelle created these:

michelle earrings


27 Jan

Apparently, you can pay up to $50 for a fresh centerpiece like this!  But thanks to our friend Jackie, we all got to make and take our own pieces home for the holidays.



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