Welcome Class of 2022!

Today marks the start of the first of many orientations that are happening throughout June for the new incoming class.  Some of you or even most of you haven’t even graduated from high school.  You haven’t even finished that chapter of your life and you are already being asked to plan for your next.  College is your next chapter and during those four years, we are going to be here to help give you the tools to be successful in many more chapters.

A lot of information over the next two days, the next months, will be thrown at you in many different directions.  We here at CNHS recognize it is a myriad of information that you have to retain, so the information, because it is important, will be repeated to you multiple times in different ways.

We want you to be successful.  We want you to be prepared.  However, you will start a transition from high school to college.  A transition that might come easy to some and hard to many.  Classes are different, there is more freedom during the day, you don’t have a family member nagging you to get things done, or even your professors won’t give any reminders on when big papers are due or to do your homework.  You are going to be learning how to navigate this new level of responsibility and it might come naturally, and it might not.  (It is truly okay to ask for help, we want to help.)

My first semester of college was definitely eye opening.  I did well in high school with minimum effort.  I had structure that worked for me and was able to balance school work, varsity sports, a job, and friends.  However at college, playing field hockey at the collegiate level, not having class every day and just trying to make friends and be social was a bit more difficult that I thought it would be.  It took me a semester, seeing my final grades, and a big stern (but with love) talk from my parents to have me realize things at college will not be as they were in high school.

We in CNHS Office of Student Services (OSS) are resources for you to get what you want out of your next four years.  We at CNHS OSS are the beginning of your next chapter of your life that will help guide you.  I am going to show my geek side and use the example of, we are like Gandolf in Lord of the Rings that is starting you on your adventure.