Spring Photos

Spring Visit

All of the snow that once coated the floor of Centennial Woods has finally gone, uncovering the grass and all that lives on it. While I did not see any specific signs of amphibian life in my plot, there were definitely plenty of areas amphibians could live in. Moist and mossy pieces of fallen trees lay on the ground, and I would not be surprised if amphibians lived under them. My plot is also located very close to a stream which could definitely foster amphibian life. There was no evidence of any wildflowers poking up from underneath the leaf litter. The only tree that has begun to flower in my plot in a red maple. Little red buds can be seen on its twigs.

My plot’s edges can be defined by the stream that runs through the bottom of the slope the plot is on and the walking path at the top of the slope. An edge effect definitely occurs at the stream. Beyond it is a marsh that definitely inhabits different species than my dry plot. The stream causes an edge effect from a hardwood habitat to a marsh habitat. I think my plot most likely provides habitat for common interior species such as deer.

Red Maple twig sketch

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