Bird’s Eye Map


This week, the entire ground of my plot was covered in pieces of cedar. The many cedar trees found there were noticeably more bare than in my previous visits as well. The few deciduous trees found at the plot have almost completely shed their leaves; only a few were still hanging on. The various groups of ferns on the ground seemed to be unchanged, as well as the various pine trees. Overall, the plot seemed very quiet and undisturbed. There are no signs of any wildlife in the vicinity. The trees are all intact, and their bark seems to be healthy. Standing in the plot silently, not even a bird can be heard.



My plot consists almost entirely of coniferous trees. There is very little under-story in the area except for a few ferns. Because of the types of trees growing in the plot, I can assume the soil has a low pH. The many pine needles dropping on the soil will cause it to be acidic. The plot is located almost entirely on bedrock, and the rock can be seen protruding from the ground.

Common Woody Plants:

Northern White Cedar

Eastern White Pine

Unknown (see below)

img_1300 img_1301

Plot Descrption

To get to my plot from the University Heights bus stop at UVM, take the Number 1 Burlington City bus to the Cherry Street bus station. Then, proceed to board the Number 7 Burlington City Bus, and take it to the Burlington High School stop. From the bus stop, turn left onto Institute Road, and follow it past the High School. Then veer right onto Rock Point Road. You will pass the Rock Point School on your left. When the road splits, veer left. You will pass a sign that reads “To Trails” as you continue on. At the next split, continue on the left trail, following the sign that points towards Lone Rock Point. Continue through a field and continue straight through a steep, rocky decline in the ground. Continue walking straight for approximately 500 feet, and the plot will be om your right, very close to the edge of the rocks over the water.

This plot appealed to me because of how far away it feels from civilization. While the walk to Lone Rock Point begins in a populated area, the trails slowly take you away,  passing only two secluded houses before arriving at my plot. This kind of tranquil serenity really speaks to me, and allows me to connect to the nature around me. My plot also has a lovely view of Lake Champlain. It is interesting to see which species grow and live so close to the water.


My Plot

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