Why Do Some People Want to Quit Smoking Marijuana?

When young adults 16-24 yr olds who are trying to quit or reduce marijuana are asked why they want to change, the more common answers include a) legal problems,   b) new or first job, c) upcoming urine test, d) getting married or moving in with nonuser, or e) having a kid.  But many older marijuana users have had these events occur, continue their use, and later on want to quit or reduce.  A survey of 104 daily, heavy (3.3 joints/day), older (21-60) marijuana users who had tried to quit several times in the past (mean 3.3 times) reported the most common reasons for wanting to quit were a) wanting to show themselves they could do it (82%), saving money (75%), prove they were not addicted (66%), concern about health problems (62%), and to have more energy (59%)(Copersino et al,  American Journal on Addictions 15:297-302, 2006).


–Dr. John R. Hughes

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