Spring Break Phenology

Over spring break, I visited New River Gorge in West Virginia to do some climbing. I noticed, like Vermont, most of the forest was comprised of oaks, maples, pines and hemlocks. Unlike Vermont, however, The New River Gorge had plenty of rhododendrons and mountain laurel which keep their leaves year round. Rhododendrons and mountain laurel […]

Phenological Changes

Over the last two months I have seen my phenology spot go through many changes such as an increase in water for snowmelt and rain, less snow from increasing temperatures, thinner ice spanning the marsh and more buds emerging from trees. All the recent precipitation has saturated the substrate with water turning it into mud […]

Natural Communities

My phenology spot is consistent with a cattail marsh, not only is my area deeply saturated with cattails and bur-reed but it has a water depth of about six to eighteen inches deep which is consistent with cattail marshes. Cattail marshes contain two different species of cattail the common cattail and narrow leaf cattail, these […]

Map of New Phenology Spot

Boxelder Twig

Beech Twig

Wildlife Activity

Twig Sketch

Deciduous Tree Species

The First photo shows a paper birch. The photo to the right of that shows a white oak. The final photo below this text shows a yellow birch.