Land Use History

As I expected, Centennial Woods has been used for various purposes over the centuries. Long before European settlers, Native Americans had been inhabiting the area. There is evidence in this in the spearheads that have been uncovered in the woods. Next, there are old bunkers in the woods that can be traced back to structures used for training the Green Mountain Boys. It has also been used for private farming throughout the years. There is evidence of this because there are lots of spots of Wolf Pines and they usually grow only in open pastures, which proves those areas were open land once. You can also find barbed wire in parts of the woods, which was used in farming and land separation (“The Changing Landscape”). The University of Vermont Land Trust Protects some, but not all of the woods. Today, the land is used by the citizens of Burlington, which includes the students at the University of Vermont and Champlain College. There is a lot of foot traffic on the trails, but off the trails is left mostly undisturbed. Mountain biking, walking, cross-country skiing – the uses of the land today are endless.

The Changing Landscapes of Centennial Woods Natural Area: A Field Guide [PDF].University of Vermont Natural Areas. University of Vermont Environmental Program,

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