Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Planning (S-CAP) Workshop

Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Planning (S-CAP) workshop held in Rutland, VT on May 13 & 14 to address agricultural gaps in Vermont's local and state emergency operations plans.

On May 13 & 14, 2011, UVM Extension held a Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Planning (S-CAP) workshop in Rutland, VT to address agricultural gaps in Vermont’s local and state emergency operations plans.  The S-CAP program is sponsored by the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) with funding from the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) and Smith-Lever funds.  The S-CAP workshop was taught by Agrosecurity Program Coordinator Andrea Husband and Senior Extension Associate Ricky Yeargan of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension with assistance from trainers-in-training from Montana, Utah, and Vermont.  Local, state, and federal employees from Vermont and New York participated, as did Extension specialists from Vermont and Maine.  For more information about the S-CAP workshop contact Dr. Julie Smith at

Back row: Ricky Yeargan (UKY Extension), Dr. Roger Ellis (NYS Dept of Ag and Markets), Mark Hutchinson (UME Extension), Lee Schmelzer (Montana State Extension), Londa Nwadike (UVM Extension).  Middle Row: Dr. Warren Hess (Utah Dept. of Ag), Andrea Husband (UKY Extension), Julie Smith (UVM Extension), Dr. Todd Johnson (NYS USDA APHIS), George Cook (UVM Extension), Tim Bouton (Addison County Regional Planning Commission).  Front: Kate A. Q. Gieges (Cornwall), Phyllis Torrey (FSA), Susan Hommel (VT Dept. of Health), Lynn Wild (UVM Extension), Robin Greene (LEPC 7), Steve Johnson (FSA).  Not pictured: Ross Nagy (VEM), Kelly Nilsson (NYS Dept of Ag and Markets), Gabriel Palazzi (U.S. Dept. Homeland Security), Dr. Joel Russo (VT Agency Ag, Food & Markets), Andrea Hatch (VT Homeland Security).  Photo by UVM Extension Outreach Professional Louis Bedor III.

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