3rd Visit

On this visit to my site, I first stumbled upon a group of Turkeys that were grazing on the surrounding farmland. After they lurked away into the woods, I climbed the hill to the Basswood tree that marks the center point to my site. Before I got there I noticed more game trails than usual and decided to follow one where I found the bloodied remains of a what I believe to be a squirrel tail and one of the back paws. Looking around the area more I found a pile of scat that contained gray fur in it. The animal I think the scat came from is either a Red Fox or a Coyote. After taking photos of the scene I decided to see if I could follow the Turkeys into the woods, So I grabbed my camera and walked through some of the thick bushes that lined the start of the forest. Once past the front, there was almost no understory and the overstory was almost entirely American Beech. I also saw several dead standing Oaks and Birch trees. I could not find the turkeys and it was getting dark fast so I left and on my way leaving the field, a flock of Geese flew over my head.

Possible dead squirrel

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