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The reason children do not go through puberty until at least 12…

Oliver: I want to grow be a grown up now.
Mom: But Oliver, being a kid is great, too. You should enjoying being a kid while you still can. Why do you want to be all grown up?
Oliver: So that I can have babies, too.
Mom: Oh Oliver, that is so sweet, but what would you do with a baby?
Oliver: [With that mischievous look of naughty gears turning in his head] I would… put it in a cement mixer! And then put it on the train tracks!

The Wit and Wisdom of Oliver

Mom: Could you please stop taking off my shoes, Oliver?
Oliver: No.
Mom: And why not, pray tell?
Oliver: Don’t call me praytell.

Deep Thought of the Day

“How long do we need to wait to be confident that software that isn’t
installed won’t crash?”

-Geoff Duke,
in written communication to a Dell support “engineer”

Oliver's self-introspection

“Moira is into dolls. I am into money.”

The boy would do his grandfather proud.

Oliver's profound grip on the English language

“No Oliver, you need to have some real food for dinner.”

“Not plastic food?”

Frank's Deep Thought of the Day

Men die earlier than women because they want to.

Deep Thoughts, #2

I do believe the “A” in “Type A Personality” should stand for “asshole”.

These also should be a “Type J Personality” for “jerk”.

(Throught attributed to Steve Cavrak)

Deep Thoughts, #1

Somedays, your arteries just need hardening.

Feeling Down

Despite having gotten my orthodonture off last week,
despite the beautiful loving wife,
despite being the pround parent of a devastatingly cute 2 year old boy and a beautiful 2 month old girl,
despite making a livable wage,
despite owning my own home,
despite not being hungry, at war, in danger…

I am feeling a bit down today. It seems we never make any real headway here in CIT. I am wondering how we can be more effective?