Migrating to the SCCM UDI for OSD, part 6c: Operations – Applications

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The following is a procedure for updating Application information in the UVM UDI environment.  Use it as a template for your own operations:

  1. When adding a new application (or app version): Categorize the application:
    1. In the SCCM console under Software Library->Application Management->Applications, select the new application and get “properties”.
    2. Under the “General Information” tab, Click “Select” next to the “Administrative Categories”.  Add the new application to an existing App Category or create a new category, as appropriate.  Applications that are categorized will be added to UDI. Non-categorized applications will not be available.
  2. Update the UDI config files:
    1. Run C:\local\scripts\CM-TaskSequences\build-UDIAppList.ps1.
    2. Locate the “MDT 2013 Files” package in the SCCM console under Software Library->Application Management->Packages, and run an “Update Distribution Points” action.  Verify that distribution was successful before proceeding.

And that is the whole story of the SCCM/UDI migration here at UVM to date. Clearly there is room for improvement. I will try to keep this series updated with revisions as we make them. As always, I hope that these posts will be of help to others in similar situations. If any of the code in this series makes its way into your environment, please let me know. I also am happy to answer any [short] questions about the topics covered here.

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