Migrating to the SCCM UDI for OSD, part 6b: Operations – Operating Systems

Continued from part 6a:

The following is a procedure for updating Operating System image data in UDI that is specific to the UVM environment.  Use it as a template for your own operations:

      1. Add the new WIM image to SCCM. The WIM must contain only one OS image (e.g. at index 1).
      2. Run c:\local\scripts\CM-TaskSequences\build-udiInfoFiles.ps1.
        (This make a CSV files available to the UDI client that matches the OS Image Name to the version of the OS within the image.) (Required for driver injection.)
      3. Run c:\local\scripts\CM-TaskSequences\build-udiImageList.ps1.
        (This updates the UDI XML-based control file that generates the OS selection options to the end-user in the UDI Wizard.)
      4. Run c:\local\scripts\Update-OSApplyTaskSequence.ps1. When prompted, provide the name of the UDI task sequence to be updated.
        (This script updates the task sequence so that the OS selected in the UDI Wizard can be applied to the UDI target machine.)
      5. Locate the “MDT 2013 Files” package in the SCCM console under Software Library->Application Management->Packages, and run an “Update Distribution Points” action.  Verify that distribution was successful before proceeding.
        (This makes the new CSV info files and Wizard configs available to end-users.)


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