Take back https://sharepoint.uvm.edu/sites/jgm!

A tribute to the Vermont gubernatorial race of 2000 in that title, for those who chare.

Anyway, what this really is about is gaining access to top-level Sharepoint sites when you have been locked out. This never was a problem for us in the past as our “Farm Administrators” had access to all sites. However, it appears that security changes in WSS v3 have blocked this access. Now, when people send me a note asking for assistance with their site, I often am greeted with a friendly “access denied” message.

If the site administrator is unable to add me to the ACLs for the site, I need to take ownership to get anything done. It took me awhile to sort this out as documentation on WSS v3 is still a bit sketchy.

Here is how you take control from the command line:
stsadm -o siteowner -url https://sharepoint.uvm.edu/sites/[sitename] -ownerlogin [DOMAIN\netID]
ALternatively, you can use the -secondarylogin switch to take ownership of the “Secondary site administrator” role.

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