TSFarm – Additional Tweaks

I have made some additonal changes to our Terminal Services farm based on MS best practices, and on advice from net forums (mostly Brian Madden, again).

  1. Implemented Mandatory Profiles on the Terminal Servers, using GPO.
    • Computer Policy->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Terminal Services->Set Path for Roaming TS Profiles:
      "Profile Path" = "C:\Documents and Settings\MANDATORY"
      "Do not append the user name to the profile path" = "TRUE"
  2. Delete all existing local user profiles on all terminal servers
  3. Note that this gets us one step closer to implementing "Flex Profiles":
    There actually are lots of web resources on implementing "Flex Profiles" or "Hybrid Profiles", which essentiall combine the speed of Mandatory profiles with the benefits of roaming/local profiles.  I am not going to implement this at this time, as it seems more trouble than benefit.
  4. Implemented Fallback Printer Drivers, as previously linked here:
    • Used settings recommended in above article – "HP DeskJet 550C" for PCL printers and "HP Color LaserJet 5/5M PS" for PS printers.  This seems to generate satisfactory results.  I also tested using "HP LaserJet 4", "HP LaserJet 4000 Series", and "HP Color LaserJet" with no better/worse results.
    • Installed HP Universal Printer Driver v3.0.0 for PCL 5, PCL 6, and PS.  Tried using this as the fallback driver with disasterous results (crashed the print spooler… yuck!).  I have kept these drivers installed for use with the wtsuprn.inf mappings file, or if people want to print manually to the installed Universal Printer instances.
  5. Installed PDFCreator on both TS systems.  This gives users a fallback option to print to PDF and redirect the output to their local drive via the RDP client.  This should be useful for more sophisticated users.
  6. Implemented wtsuprn.inf printer mappings file, with entries copied over from the existing "Hercules" MetaFrame server.
  7. Grudgingly installed a driver set for the Canon iR (imageRunner) printers.  I only did this because the drivers were WHQL qualified, and insisted that we do some testing to verify that the drivers were not destabilizing the servers.  I do not recommend that we get in the habit of installing third-party drivers on demand, but we do have a lot of these imageRunners on campus, and this driver set should help out.

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