Vista Security, Config, Licensing, Imaging Committee:

Ben, Harjit, Peter, Jonathan, Greg, Dean, Andy G, Phil, E. Mike attending


No real progress on imaging since the last meeting.

We need to look at:

  • Offline image servicing
  • Unattended setup in “Factory Mode” of supplemental software following initial deployment
  • Segregation of WDS servers for Faculty/Staff vs. Student



Capability to perform key escrow of TPM and Bitlocker data added to CAMPUS domain. More testing needs to be done. Policy decisions need to be made about:

  1. Mode to implement (PIN vs. USB Key vs. TPM-only systems)
  2. Which systems to implement on (Laptop vs. Desktop, Student vs. Institutionally owned)
  3. How to implement (at deployment time/mandatory vs. after deployment/voluntary).



Recommended (Required?) for all Faculty/Staff installs


Recommended (Required?) for all Students systems sold through the depot.


Available though Campus Agreement but not recommended as not manageable though Volume License. Keys will be made available to those who need them, managed through MS licensing web site.



Both product activations are now available to us for activating Vista Business/Enterprise. Currently only KMS is supported by ETS. We need to establish a method for communicating MAK keys to those who need them, and criteria for when they will be disclosed.


Media will be available though the depot in ~January time-frame. This will be retail media, not volume license.

Ultimate Edition

We are entitled to this under Campus Agreement, but it is not a volume-licensed product. Complexity of managing licensing leads us to a recommendation that we not actively promote the use of Ultimate edition on campus, esp. since no systems sold though the depot are media center computers.


Need to contact Dell to discuss possibility of re-imaging systems. At present, we have permission to replace OEM-media-based installs with Volume License-media-based installs provided that the system was purchased with an identical Vista SKU (e.g. OEM install of Vista Business may be replaced with VL Vista Business). However, doing this will decrement remaining activations on our MAK, so we will need to broker a deal with MS to provide adequate activations for student systems. Otherwise, we should stick with the OEM-based image and let students re-activate their copy. To pursue this option, we will need more info from Dell (i.e. does Dell use the same media as the basis for all delivered systems? Can an image captured from one Dell system be activated with the key printed on any other Dell system?)

Committee Leadership:

Phil and Greg “volunteer” to co-chair this committee.

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