Migrating "Casey" application to Terminal Server 2003

In preparing to cut-over our dying Citrix Terminal Server to modern Server 2003 R2 Terminal Servers, I have discovered an interesting application that was developed in-house called “Casey”.

The app has many external dependencies which I am trying to get functioning on the new TS boxes.

First challenge – MIT Kerberos for Windows.
Tricks here were:

  • Install a current KFW version… old Citrix server has v2.1.1, but this will not run on Server 2003. Current release is 3.0.0, which works fine
  • but I needed to make sure that an appropriately configured krb5.ini was available in the application install directory, and that the same file was removed from %windir% directory.
  • Also, we needed the Kerberos app directory in the system PATH (which it is done by the installer, but requires logout/login to take effect).

Next challenge:
Oracle client for Windows
We did the usual massive download of the latest Oracle client (450+ Mb), then did a runtime install. I needed to copy the TNSNAMES.ORA from the old server to the NETWORK\ADMIN folder in the new oracle home. ALSO, since this is a terminal server, I needed to recursively add the local “users” group to have R/X rights to the Oracle home, and I needed to grant users of the Casey app rights to “Create Global Objects” in the local security policy.
NOTE: Currently I have a copy of tnsnames.ora in the application directory for every app that needs it… I reinstalled the Oracle client in “instant” mode… this install does not set an oracle home, so the client does not know where to search for tns information. I need to set a home globally, then move the tnsnames.ora file out to the home…

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