Changing WX Client Modes

WebXtender has two modes: Interactive (IRC), or “Thin Client”. Interactive requires IE 6 with ActiveX controls, wheras “Thin” does not, but has fewer features.

To set the mode for users, you must enter the “User Profile Administrator” program that installs with XS Admin. You can change the global default, and/or the default for specific users (but not for Groups???!!!). Without further configuration, this option becomes fixed, and the user cannot change it.

However, in App Gen (part of a Full ApplicationXtender install), you can set a global option per-user or per-group called “Configure WS”. Once set, this allows the user to change ALL WebXtender user-configurable options, including the client mode.

Note: Setting this option in AppGen does not enable it for the user automatically! You must restart the WX service in order for the change to take effect! AARGH! (Recommended approach is to run the “Component Setup Wizard” which ships with XS Admin).