Packaging ApplicationXtender

After some fine head-banging, I have figured out how to package the ApplicationXtender 5.25 .MSP (patch) file into the original 5.20 installer. We just need to follow the standard “administrative installation point” routine:

  1. At the command line, go to the AX 5.20 installation directory.
  2. Run
    msiexec /a AxSetup.msi TARGETDIR=[working directory]
  3. Assuming the MSP file is in the same directory, run
    "msiexec /p /a [working directory]\AxSetup.msi"
  4. Now just zip the working directory into a single file.

We do have some other options that may help with deployment:

  1. The “XSCM.Config” file from “\Documents and Settings\All Users” into the final archive directory, along with a script that drops this file into place on the target system. This will save installation staff the need to locate the setup file on first run of the application
  2. The install directory can be added to a self-extracting zip, which calls the SETUP.EXE.
  3. SETUP.EXE has command-line support, documented in the AX Installation guide. Essentially, we would run
    SETUP MsiExec.exe /i "AxSetup.msi" /QB INSTALLLEVEL=[install_level]
    where [install_level] is a number from 1 to 3. 1=Retrieval install, 2=Scan, and 3=admin install.