Oracle Instant Client, continued

To simplify installation of the OC, I wrapped the files into a MSI using “Advanced Installer” v2.6.4 from Caphyon Software.

To accomplish this, I just needed to follow the previously documented manual installation routine, and take note of what changed on the system (specifically, I had a look at the REG text files generated by the ODBC installation script).
Advanced Installer lets to specify source files from ANY location, to be installed to a specified Program Files target. You also can specify Environment variables and Registry settings that you want performed during the install.

I just shipped the Install Directory to “University of Vermont\Oracle 10g Client”, and added an “admin” subdirectory for the TNSNAMES.ORA file. Then I set the PATH, SQLPath, and TNS_Admin environment variables. Finally, I specified the required ODBC registry changes, and built the MSI.

Since doing the build, a new version of OC 10g Instant Client has become available (v10.1.0.4). I have updated the installer to use these files instead. Making this change is fairly simple. All you have to do is open the original Adv Installer package specification file (.AIP), take note of the location of the source files, then drop the updated files into that location. If there are any new files, or files that are no longer present, you need to update the AIP to reflect these changes. Change the package version number, then rebuild… easy.