SAV 10.0.1 – building client installers

Symantec just extended us the honor of downloading SAV v10.0.1 (Maintenance Release 1 for SAV 10). This build is supposed to fix a bunch of performance complaints. Now that we have it, I suppose we should think in earnest about getting clients to install the new version.

I have been concerned about the apparent need to provide two installers… one for upgrades, and one for new installations. This is an issue that came up with SAV 9, mp2. Fortunately, I was able to find a decent thread on installation techniques at Novell “Cool Solutions”:

I have changed our installed to run the installer using “setup.exe” (an install shield program), instead of “msiexec”. When using setup.exe, the installer appear to deal well with existing installations.

I have also added an additional .bat to the installer script… RemoveStartupScan.bat. This runs “reg.exe” to import a .reg file obtained from Symantec. The reg settings included disable the startup “quick scan” (DoScan.exe) that has been irritating Symantec clients since the release of 10.0. Symantec says that DoScan has been “fixed” with 10.0.1, but I still do not like it.

Finally, I am allowing installation of the Pop3Smtp component, although I suspect that we will just have to rip it out again in the near future. I thought we might give it a chance for now.