Legato License Service: RPC Port

I wonder if port of the problem I have been having connecting to the AX applications on IMGX owing to some sort of Firewall problem.

The only service that has been installed on any of the imaging servers that appears to be of any potential relevance is the “Legato Licensing Server” on DOCIMG1. Netstat -ano reveals that this service is listening at port 9152… this port is not available through the internal firewall.

I will switch this server to port 6252 (currently port of the 100-port range for RPC’s made available through our internal firewall). This setting is made in the registry at:
HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Legato\License Server\RPC\
REG_SZ Value: TcpIpEndPoint
After restarting the service and running another Netstat -ano, I now see that the license service is listening at port 6252. Yeah!

Update: Last week our WX instance broke… EMC support blames this on the port change. I have reverted to port 9152, and will need to get this exempted on the firewall.