Oracle 10g Instant Client

Did some work on AX client installation today. I wanted to see how hard it will be to do a Oracle 10g Instant client install… looks pretty easy, although I don’t see why those $%#$%$# at Oracle can’t be bothered to make a light-weight MSI installer for the 10g client… it is the messy Java “Universal Installer”, or the installer-free “instant client”. Bah!

anyway, here is what I did…

-Go to, downloads, database, 10g Instant Client, log in, fetch the Instant Client Base package, and the SQLPlus files. also grabbed the ODBC files, even though I do not really need them at this time.
-Extract all of these .ZIP files to C:\Program Files\Oracle InstantClient\
-SET the System Variable PATH to include the instantclient_ subdirectory of the above path
-SET the new System variable SQLPATH to the same value just appended to PATH, above
-SET the new System variable TNS_ADMIN to the same as SQLPATH, but append “admin”.
-Create a new folder “admin” in the instant client directory
-Create a TNSNAMES.ORA file in this location, past required entries into it (copied from the %ORACLE_HOME%\network\admin directory on the server “DOCIMG1”).
-Run the ODBC Installer .BAT file in the instant client directory
-Log out, then log in again to initialize the newly set variables.
-Test connectivity to the IMG databases using SQLPlus.exe:
C:\> sqlplus

Now I can install XSAdmin and ApplicationXtender applications. Connecting meerly requires that I select the correct Data Source provider (Microsoft OLE provider for Oracle).