DiskXtender installation and configuration

Well, we finally got DiskXtender from the IKON folks. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a license code for the product, which we will need soon if we expect the service to run for more than 30 days… regardless…

I uploaded the installer .zip to d:\install, then extracted. There are documentation PDF files in this folder. Following the instructions there, I have created a service account for the “Data Manager” (or primary DiskXtender) service. The account is CAMPUS\sa_dx-DataMngr. The account has been added to the local administrators group, as per the documentation.

Outside of that, all I have done is run the main DX setup.exe. The oply two options that I set were 1) the name of the service account to be used for the service and 2) the name/location of the Legato Licensing server. (The installer notes that the license sever on DOCIMG1 does NOT have a license for DX at this time, as noted above).

Note that I did NOT install the MediaStor application. This component does not appear to be required in our case as we will not be managing removable storage devices with our installation of DX.

After the install, I started up the DiskXtender Administrator program. I then ran the Service->New Extended drive wizard, and added the “I:” drive (mounted iSCSI LUN on “blocks.uvm.edu”). It is requested that you configure a number of options for the “Extended drive” at this time. I accepted the defaults for most options, other than “drive scan”, which I changed from “disabled” to instead run once a week on Saturday at 2:00 am.

The wizard also requests that you setup a “media folder” for the extended volume. I quickly added “hr_images”… I will wade through the documentation to see if I really need separate media folders for the whole volume. I would rather avoid touching this interface in the future… certainly I do not want to make setting up new media folders a prerequisite for new AX applications, if at all possible.