23 Mar

Meet Kelly Anderson.  She is a single mom living in upstate NY and she keeps it the traditional American way.  Kelly is a hard working mother who has a daughter, Rachel. Kelly works as a paralegal assistant and won’t let things go that are unjust, including her daughter.  Kelly likes to go to the shooting range on her spare time to let out some extra anger.  When Rachel has a guy come and pick her up to go out to the movies, Kelly isn’t going to let this random stranger take her daughter for a ride.  So, she decides to scare him by cleaning her gun when he arrives.  No one is going to hurt her baby girl!!! And when Rachel doesnt show up on time, Kelly is at wits end…

Good thing the gun isn’t loaded.


23 Mar

Light my fire

23 Feb

One of these things is not like the other…

16 Feb

…one of these things just doesn’t belong.


Film vs. Digital



1 Feb

I did round objects that I see everyday as they were.

Hello world!

26 Jan

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