Vyshnivka Update #2: In the Bottle!

After several weeks of steeping the cherries in rectified spirits, I drained most of the liquid, some of which I will save and serve as cherry vodka.  I left a couple of cups of liquid in the growler with the cherries and sprinkled in about 1/2 cup white sugar, swirling the contents to mix the sugar in.  Then I went off to Ukraine, so that sat a bit longer than called for in the recipe…  Now that I’m back I strained the liquid and am bottling it to age for 6 months or so.  You can see from this photo that the mixture is darker than the glass from my first vyshnivka update.  The flavor is (obviously) sweeter with the addition of the extra sugar, but the cherry flavor has also mellowed and deepened.  I’m looking forward to trying it again six months from now at my annual Maslenitsa party in February.


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