Pepper Vodka recipe in July 8th “Drink” column

Bottle of Pepper Vodka

Red and Green Hot Pepper Vodka

Rosie Schapp, the New York Times Magazine “Drink” columnist, is featuring one of my vodka infusion recipes (for hot pepper vodka)  in her wonderful July 8th column devoted to drinks of Poland and Ukraine!

Here’s the link:   “Drink:  Hurts So Good”

The photo at left is the only bottle of pepper vodka I currently have “brewing” –  a mix of green and red Ukrainian Hot peppers.  The set up is a year old now, so it packs quite a punch and can’t really be drunk straight.  While I favor the red pepper flavor, the hint of “green” added by its unripe sibling makes for an interesting “double-pepper” fix.  I will certainly try it in a Bloody Mary, as Rosie suggests, on some hot summer day.

Infused vodkas are easy to make and easy to tailor to your tastes.  For more ideas on vodka infusions, you can visit Rosie’s NY Times Magazine blog and check out recipes for roasted ginger vodka and pine-nut vodka, as well as those offered by readers – or add your own!




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