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Anth 250 Home Exhibit Blog

Hello! Welcome to the Museum Anthropology exhibit blog!

Posted: November 15th, 2017 by Sam Desrochers

For the first post, we just want to lay out a few future objectives for the course blog as well as a brief overview of progress so far. First of all, this blog is aimed at exploring the processes in which the class, on a group and individual basis, progress through the curation and collective exhibition of our objects. Through working with museum professionals, including members of the Fleming Museum team, the course aims to further explore how in which objects are incorporated into museum spaces and the way in which the space of the museum has the ability to transform these ‘everyday’ objects into culturally significant entities, as well as creating a stimulating and meaningful museum experience for visitors. Thus far, the class has gone through a good chunk of the collection and research phase of our individual ‘domestic objects’ from various cultural backgrounds. Now the priority is focused on the collaboration between students and the individual groups with the goal to create a cohesive and meaningful exhibition in relation to ‘home-making’ and the ways in which we make the spaces that we (as humans) inhabit the spaces we call: ‘ours’.

 **If anyone in the class would like to volunteer their own research processes and interesting insights or challenges that their objects have offered please lets us (the PR Group) know**


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