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Dear Students: A letter from your co-instructors

Posted: 13th January 2014 by intrdisc in SPN

Dear Students: Our lives, our cultures are made up of many overlapping stories and experiences. If we listen to the media we may hear all the negative stories being pushed on us and may begin to believe that everything is bad. Everything. The New York Times reports August 28th, 2012: “Churning Storm Nears Hurricane Strength” […]


Posted: 13th January 2014 by intrdisc in Scholarly Personal Narrative

As human beings, we write to communicate the stories that give our lives meaning. As scholars, we write to clarify ideas, to come to new understandings, and to invite others to connect with us. We write to dig deeply into all that interests us, fascinates us, and/or disturbs us. We write to connect with others […]