teaching philosophy

My research and teaching center on Islam, South Asia, religious identity, and definitions of “religion.”  I expect that students develop critical reading and writing skills in each of my courses, and tailor all assignments to this purpose alongside the acquisition of specific knowledge about the subject matter at hand.  Religion is omnipresent in today’s global landscape, and it is my contention that in order to educate global citizens, a serious exploration of religion–including and perhaps especially Islam–is of the utmost importance.

current & recent courses

introductory courses
Introducing Islam
TAP (Teaching-Advising Program): Introducing Islam
Introduction to Religion: Comparative

intermediate courses
Islam and Modernity (see Fall 2015 class research blog here)
Interpretation of Religion
Studies in Hindu Traditions (see Fall 2014 class research blog here)
AS195: Intern in Humanities

  • New Course, co-led by Profs. McGowan and DiDio. I’ll offer it in AY 2016-2017.
  • Description: “While student interns often go out “there” to gain job experience, it is rare to come back “here” and put those experiences in an intellectual context; students will be able to compare their working environment, institutional structure, tasks, skills, and distinctive challenges to those of their classmates, all while reading and talking about these issues in their broadest sense. In this way, students will gain both a hands-on experience and a birds-eye view of their disciplines and sectors.”

advanced courses
Religion and Empire (to be offered AY 2016-17)

courses taught previously

Islam & Islamic Art in South Asia
Modern Muslim Literatures
Love & Devotion in South Asian Literature
Place, Space & Religion