book manuscript 

Indian Muslim Minorities and the 1857 Rebellion: Religion, Rebels and Jihad (under contract: I. B. Tauris)

edited special edition journal

Shifting Boundaries: The Study of Islam in the Humanities, special edition of Muslim World, Volume 106, Number 4 (October 2016). with Zahra M. S. Ayubi.


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digital scholarship

What Is Islam? Forum, Marginalia Review of Books, co-editor/co-author with Kristian Petersen. 6-part review series with critical introduction by Petersen and myself on Shahab Ahmed’s What is Islam? The Case for Being Islamic (Princeton UP: 2015). Originally published August 19-26, 2016. Co-authored introduction here:

“Spinning but not Religious: Inside the New Economy of Spiritual Fitness,” Religion Dispatches, June 14, 2016.

5-part series on “Indian Summers,” PBS Masterpiece Theater program (2015), in Sacred Matters: Religious Currents in Culture. Series accessible here:


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