Final Entry: Human History

Researching the History of Centennial woods has given me a lot of insight into the history of my place. I’ve learned that the University of Vermont acquired parts of Centennial woods over of several decades. This began with the Baxter purchase in 1891, and ended with the final acquisition from Unsworth in 1968.

Since it’s purchase Centennial woods has been used as a natural laboratory to study ecology and natural processes, and has been a great resource for Uvm students.

Learning some of the history of Centennial woods has made me appreciate my place even more. I’ve come to understand that I represent the next generation of students who are able to directly benefit from what the woods have to offer. I also represent the future generation of people entrusted with protecting important sites like Centennial. This Phenology assignment has helped me foster a sense of place within the woods, and with Vermont as a whole.