Human History–stone-walls-the-stone.jpg

St. Albans, Vermont has always been known for their farming, with rich, dark loamy substrate that is suitable for cultivation. Settlers used both of my phenology places as farm land, and there is evidence to show that. As you look around you will notice rock walls, or barriers cutting through the land. Over the years, vegetation has built on top and around these walls, but they are still evident. These walls make great places for chipmunks, birds, and especially the invasive species, buckthorn, to create a new home. Throughout the years, this land was used for several different types of farming, and still is to this day. As you trek through the landscape, there are certain areas where you will see evidence of animals. There’s a picture within my blog that consists of old animal bones, which I believe is a cow. It is evident that these bones were here for a great amount of time, since moss has began to decompose them into soil.

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