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Health & Wellness RLC


Posted: August 20th, 2013 by hwrlc

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Posted: August 20th, 2013 by hwrlc



HWRLC Workroom

This work space is brand new and we are still putting all the pieces together.  Amy’s partner Paul is even making us a table especially for this room!   We hope this can be a space where all kinds of different projects can get worked on, and will be good space for you all to go and finish projects from Wellness Thru the Arts.


What Happens Here?

John Bucher is back  this semester.  He will be coming every other Tuesday @ 7PM to demonstrate awesome Arts projects!  He’ll still be demo-ing in the classroom, but all the supplies will be left in this work room for you to come to when you need to unwind and do some art work.

If you just want to make a crafty birthday card for Mom you can do that too,  like all spaces Leaders will have access to the key to let you in.   Be sure to clean up after yourself when you are done, and feel free to add as much art to the sapce as you want!


What’s New?

Well, the whole space is new,  BUT we are hoping that this allows John to expand the projects possible on Tues. It felt a little limiting to only have this time to finish a craft, and it could feel rushed, or not very exciting depending on the week.  Now,  John can do bigger and more elaborate projects and you will have 2 weeks (or really as long as you want)  to complete before the next one!





Posted: August 18th, 2013 by hwrlc


What is it?

Probably the most popular space in HWRLC is the Kitchen.   Like all our spaces, this is only available for HWRLC students.   Leaders can help you get in,  and as long as the space is well taken care of,  it’s open to you to cook/bake/hang out with other community members!   It’s fully stocked with pots, pans,  and tons of other random kitchen needs (i.e. 100 cookie cutters, or ice-cream making balls)  All the supplies have been gathered over the years with love and care for previous H-dubbers.  It’s our hope that this tradition continues this year.   As at home,  the heart of our community is often in the kitchen,  let’s be sure to treat it well and have tons of memories here!

What happens here?

Bite Club-  This is a cooking and nutrition class facilitated by Alyssa Consigli,  Registered Dietitian.  Every other Wednesday Alyssa is here to impart her extensive knowledge. Come learn how to cook,  from the basics, to things you’d never considered trying.   Then get a chance to try some new creations.  Each Bite Club will have a theme,  and all the recipes will relate.   Got ideas or want to learn something new?


Coterie Kitchen- Which Coterie can come up with the best idea for the community?  We give you the budget and the ingredients,  you create a masterpiece.  Each coterie will be assigned 1 time over the course of the year,  and this will also be your community chore for those 2 weeks.


What’s New?

Bite Club this year is changing a bit. We saw last year, that some of you really want the chance to get your hands dirty, and actually learn how to cook.  Others just wanted to learn more about specific ingredients or wanted to try a new food or recipe.   Well,  you are in luck!  This year Bite Club will happen in 2 sessions.  First @ 6PM  Alyssa will introduce the recipe and teach you how to cook and prepare that weeks menu.  Then @ 7PM  those that cooked will present their dishes to the group, and Alyssa will be there to answer questions and facilitate discussion, then it’s time to take a BITE into what’s being served!   Because of this shift,  the menu items can be a little more complicated.  Before no one wanted to wait for a cake or casserole to bake,  so now,  that process will already be happening! And you just have to wait for the finished product to pop out of the oven!   What do you think?  Is this a good idea?


Since Bite Club is every other week,  this gives us free time on  the off weeks!   What better way to use it than to open it up for you!   Coterie Kitchen is a chance for each coterie to take advantage and create something great!   You just have to stick to the budget AND be able to feed everyone!  Good Luck!

Community Chores??  Yup,  another shift this year will be each coterie having chores. There will be a whole other blog post about this later,  but basically the duties will shift every 2 weeks.  Not only will there be  benefits for completing your chores each week, but for the first time EVER there will be penalties to coteries that don’t complete their chores!

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