Spider Mites & Newsletters

Spider mites found in Northeast hopyards! This article, written by New York State Hops Specialist Steve Miller, will help you identify, scout, and develop treatment options for your yard. If you need assistance with scouting please give us a call (802) 524 6501. To purchase a hand lens, check out the following sites: Amazon.com (keyword: […]

Hops Field Day, July 8th

Greetings Hop Lovers, We are happy to announce an upcoming field day at Square Nail Hops Farm in Ferrisburgh, VT on July 8th from 4 pm – 6 pm.  Please click on the link for more details.

Hop Pest – Eastern Comma

While out in the hopyard this week, we stumbled upon this little guy and his friends on the underside of some leaves, chowing down on a fine looking row of Cascade. While spikey and rather exciting looking with a remarkable set of eyebrows, the Eastern comma (Polygonia comma) is generally perceived as a pest with […]

Hop Fertility Management in the Northeast

The increasing acreage of hops in the Northeast has prompted the need for fertility guidelines for this new and emerging crop. Unfortunately there has been no regional data generated to determine hop nutrient requirements for our soils and climate. Some basic fertility guidelines can be developed from research and information available from the Pacific Northwest […]