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The Last Leaves are About to Drop

Upon my return to the trail drastic changes have happened. The entirety of the forest floor is covered in leaves, only a hand full of leafs have yet to fall to the ground. I noticed that I can now see the dorm buildings which are neighbor to this little patch of forest. I noticed a few bird calls this time, although I couldn’t determine what kind of birds they were. But, I can definitely tell it was two different species calling out.

Heres a picture that shows the leaf cover.



Here is my event map of this visit.



The leafs cover the ground like a plush orange carpet

Emitting a fire like assortment of colors

They flow down the steep slope of the north end of the trail like a sunsets fade over the horizon

Covering the ground like a wave washing up on shore

Only when the wind blows do we get a small glimpse of the brown dirt that lays beneath

The colors are something out of a water color painting

Differing in shades of orange, yellow, and red that seem to complement each other perfectly, like there was an artist overseeing the color way of each leaf

I could look at this bed of colors for hours

Mesmerizing in its soft beauty



~ by hnyoike on November 7, 2018.

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