UVM Windows Volume License Troubleshooting for UVM Owned Computers

In order for the UVM volume license version of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 to be activated, the computer running that OS needs to be on the UVM campus network, either physically or via a VPN connection; Windows can then find the KMS (Key Management Server) kms1.campus.ad.uvm.edu.  The computer must also contact the key management server periodically to renew the activation.  This is mandated and embedded in Windows operating systems by Microsoft.
If you have a UVM owned machine with activation problems:

  • Connect to the UVM Network. This is the surest way to fix this issue.
  • QUICK FIX – ensure that the computer’s date and time is correct. If it is not, activation will fail.
  • If it is a desktop and difficult to move, using VPN may also solve the problem.

Macintosh machines running Virtual Box can either use the UVM VPN client or create a bridged network connection so it gets a 132.198 connection (if on a wired connection).

A guide to accessing the VPN can be found here.

Product Keys

  • Geoff Duke’s blog has the UVM volume license product keys. However, even after entering these, connection to KMS is required periodically.
  • If this is a UVM owned machine that is for off campus use, there is an alternate license key which can be manually entered if the computer meets specific requirements and is eligible to use the alternate licensing (there must already be a Windows OS running on the computer, or it must have shipped with a legal license for a Windows OS originally). Please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line by submitting a footprint with those details and they can forward the request for a  MAK (Multiple Activation Key) if this is the case.
  • Personally owned computers may not use the UVM volume license versions of Windows. Instead, a personal copy of Windows must be purchased. The Computer Depot in the Bookstore will have details. See their FAQ.

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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