Share your Calendar (OWA)

You can use Outlook on the Web (OWA) to share (grant permissions to) your calendar with other people.  Once you have logged into, select the Calendar app.  Select your calendar and use the Share menu near the top.

01 Share

Add a person or many people.  You’ll be able to set their level of access individually.

02 People

Choose how much control and visibility you wish each one to have.

03 Levels

Each person will receive an email explaining what’s being offered and allowing them to grant you access to their calendar.

04 Accept

Calendars will appear automatically below your own calendar.  You can toggle visibility on and off by clicking on theirs, yours and any combination of calendars you wish.

05 View

If you don’t need to see the calendar any longer, you may remove it.  This does not remove your access, only visibility in your list of available calendars.

06 Remove

You may reopen the calendar at any time.  You can open any calendar using this method, but unless you are granted specific rights by name, you will only have the rights given by the owner to the “Default” user (i.e. everyone not specifically listed in permissions).

07 Reopen

Additional options are available for sharing permissions by using the Outlook desktop client, PC or Mac, that is installed as part of Microsoft Office.  Please see the guides to these products for additional info.


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